Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion $60

Diamond tip microdermabrasion is a hidden gem that not many people are aware of.  This is a great exfoliation technique that can be a stand alone treatment or combined with other treatments such as facials or chemical peels.  This exfoliation process gently removes dead skin cells, helps reduce appearances of fine lines, and evens skin tone.  This helps skincare products absorb into your skin much better and leave your skin smooth and glowing.

*We don't recommend Microdermabrasion on active acne/cyst on skin.


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Dermaplaning  $60

Dermaplaning is another form of exfoliation that uses a specialized scalpel for the removal of dead skin cells and vellus hair.  Following your treatment, you'll noticed smoother skin and your skin will better able to absorb active skincare ingredients.  This can be a standalone treatment or be combined with other treatments such as chemical peels or facials.  

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